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We offer a range of products for the OEM, Research and Development, Production Automation and Quality Control. We provide various Industries with Load cells, Weigh Cells, Torque sensors, Multi-axis Force sensors, strain gauges, pressure transducers and transmitters. We inventory a wide range of displacement sensors and transducers that include LVDT's, eddy current sensors and capacitance probes, lasers, precision potentiometers, draw wire sensors and laser micrometers as well as speed sensors, slope / tilt sensors and accelerometers. 
3D - Laser Measurement
Automotive Catalyser Production
Container Surface Profile Mapping
Cooling Curve Measurement on Electric Motors
Failure Protection Welding
Foam Block Measurement
Horse Saddle Pressure Measurement
Laser Sensor Screw Mount Surface Wear
M2D Laser Scanner
M2D Mobile Laser - Gap Scan
M2D Seal Inspection Nuclear Reactor
M2D Surface Inspection
Measurement of Door Gap Production
Measuring Foils and Plates
Nuclear Reactor Seal Inspection
Panel Computer Used as a Bar Code Reader
Push Over Technology Precise Weighing
Scanner for Paint Parameters
Track Width Measurement
Vibration Analysis
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