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Various systems offered from low speed to high speed data storage for Process Monitoring, Machinery Monitoring, Product Testing, Research, Quality Assurance, etc. in a wide range of applications. Software for Multiple Computer Graphical Display and On-Line and Off-line Data Analysis is also available.
Inputs from TC's (Thermocouples), Thermister, RTDs, LVDTs, Strain Gauge, Process Signals, 4-20ma, Analog Voltage, etc.
Direct connection to Laptop PC's and/or connection through Wireless Communication and communication via ARINC, CANbus, RS485, USB, Profibus and Ethernet are available with other devices, such as controllers, PLC's, PC's etc. Software support for Labview, C++, Visual Basic, MS Excel, etc. is available. 
MSX-E1516, Ethernet Digital I/O System
Models: MSX-E1516, MSX-E1516-NPN
MSX-E1700, Ethernet Multifunction Counter Module
Models: MSX-E1701, MSX-E1701-24V, MSX-E1711, MSX-E1721
MSX-E1731, Ethernet Multifunction Counter System
Models: MSX-E1731
MSX-E3011, Ethernet Analog Input System
Models: MSX-E3011
MSX-E3017, Ethernet Force-Distance System
Models: MSX-E3017
MSX-E3021, Ethernet Analog Input System
Models: MSX-E3021
MSX-E3027, Ethernet Analog Input System
Models: MSX-E3027
MSX-E3121, Ethernet Multifunction System
Models: MSX-E3121-6-4, MSX-E3121-6-4C
MSX-E3122, Ethernet Multifunction System
Models: MSX-E3122, MSX-E3122-C
MSX-E3211, Ethernet Temperature System
Models: MSX-E3211-RTD-16, MSX-E3211-RTD-4, MSX-E3211-RTD-8, MSX-E3211-TC-16, MSX-E3211-TC-4, MSX-E3211-TC-8...
MSX-E3311, Ethernet Pressure/Force System
Models: MSX-E3311-16, MSX-E3311-8
MSX-E3317, Ethernet Force-Distance System
Models: MSX-E3317
MSX-E3511, Ethernet Analog Output System
Models: MSX-E3511, MSX-E3511-C
MSX-E3601, Ethernet Dynamic Signals System
Models: MSX-E3601, MSX-E3601-2
MSX-E3700, Ethernet Length System
Models: MSX-E3700-HB-16, MSX-E3700-HB-4, MSX-E3700-HB-8, MSX-E3700-LVDT-16, MSX-E3700-LVDT-4, MSX-E3700-LVDT-8...
MSX-E3701-DIO, Ethernet Length System
Models: MSX-E3701-DIO-HB-16, MSX-E3701-DIO-LVDT-1
MSX-E3711, Ethernet Length System
Models: MSX-E3711-HB, MSX-E3711-HB-24V, MSX-E3711-K, MSX-E3711-LVDT, MSX-E3711-LVDT-24V, MSX-E3711-M...
MSX-E7511, Ethernet Serial Interface System
Models: MSX-E7511-XXXX
MSX-ilog-AI-16, Ethernet Data Logger
Models: MSX-ilog-AI-16
MSX-ilog-AI16-DI040, Ethernet Data Logger
Models: MSX-ilog-AI16-DI040
MSX-ilog-RTD, Ethernet Data Logger for Temperature Measurements
Models: MSX-ilog-RTD-16, MSX-ilog-RTD-8, MSX-ilog-TC-16, MSX-ilog-TC-8
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