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We offer Torque Sensor for a Wide Range of applications, with rotary slip-ring styles and non-contact models, high accuracy torque measurements can be made with durability. Torque Sensors are available with and without amplified output and digital interfaces, with quick turn-around time. Offered for Industrial Manufacturing and Research & Development purposes. Torque Sensors are avaialable in ranges up to 50,000+ lbs-ft. 
86403, Rotary Torque Sensor with Square Ends
Models: 86403-5001, 86403-5001-V501, 86403-5002, 86403-5002-V501, 86403-5005, 86403-5005-V501...
86413, Rotary Torque Sensor with Keyway Shafts
Models: 86413-5001, 86413-5001-V501, 86413-5002, 86413-5002-V501, 86413-5005 , 86413-5005-V501...
86423, Rotary Torque Sensor with Hexagonal Shaft End
Models: 86423-5001, 86423-5002, 86423-5005, 86423-5010, 86423-5020
8645, Contactless Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: 8645-5002.5, 8645-5005, 8645-5007.5, 8645-5017.5, 8645-5075, 8645-5175...
8646, Contactless Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: 8646-5002.5, 8646-5005 , 8646-5007.5, 8646-5017.5, 8646-5075, 8646-5175...
8661, Contactless Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: 8661-4020, 8661-4050, 8661-4100, 8661-4200, 8661-4500, 8661-5001...
DR-1, Square Drive Slipring Torque Sensor
Models: DR-1
DR-12, Rotary Slipring Torque Sensor
Models: DR-12
DR-1986/DR-1987/DR-1988/DR-2124, Torque Sensors for Screw Systems
Models: DR-1986 , DR-1987, DR-1988, DR-2124
DR-2, Rotary Slipring Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2
DR-20, Rotary Slipring Torque Sensor
Models: DR-20
DR-2112, Analog Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2112, DR-2112-R
DR-2113, Analog Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2113
DR-2114, Analog Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2114
DR-2153, Analog Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2153
DR-2208, Analog Output Dual Range Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2208
DR-2212, Shaft Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2212, DR-2212-R
DR-2291, Slipring Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2291
DR-2335, Slipring Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2335
DR-2412, Digital Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2412, DR-2412-R
DR-2413, Digital Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2413
DR-2414, Digital Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2414
DR-2453, Digital Output Hex Shaft Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2453
DR-2477, Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2477
DR-2481  Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2481
DR-2493, Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2493
DR-2494  Miniature Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2494
DR-2500, Analog Output High Speed Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2500
DR-2508, Digital Output Dual-Range Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2508
DR-2512, Shaft Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2512, DR-2512-R
DR-2531, Dual Range Analog Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2531
DR-2600, Digital Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2600
DR-2643, Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2643
DR-2800, Flange Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2800
DR-2831, Dual Range Digital Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2831
DR-3000, Rotary Torque Sensor with USB Interface
Models: DR-3000
DR-3001, Rotary Torque Sensor with USB Interface
Models: DR-3001
DR-3003, Rotary Torque Sensor with USB Interface
Models: DR-3003
MR-12, Torque Belt Pulley
Models: MR-12
8625, Precision Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: 8625-4005, 8625-4010, 8625-4020, 8625-4050, 8625-4100, 8625-4200...
8627, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: 8627-5010, 8627-5010-V501, 8627-5025, 8627-5025-V501, 8627-5050, 8627-5050-V501...
8628, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: 8628-5005, 8628-5005-V003, 8628-5005-V301, 8628-5005-V302, 8628-5005-V503, 8628-5010...
8632, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: 8632-5002, 8632-5002-V503, 8632-5005 , 8632-5005-V503, 8632-5012, 8632-5012-V503...
D-2209, Flange Mount Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: D-2209
D-2223, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: D-2223
D-2268, Flange Mount Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: D-2268
D-2431, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: D-2431
D-2452, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: D-2452
D-2553, Flange Mount Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: D-2533
DF-30, Flange Mount Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: DF-30
DFW-25, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: DFW-25
DFW-35, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: DFW-35
DH-15, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: DH-15
DK-15, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: DK-15
DV-14, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: DV-14
DR-2554, Integrated Coupling Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2554, DR-2554
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