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Coretec manufacture Servo Presses and Nutrunners that are typically used in Press Fit and Fastening manufacturing processes, providing high efficiency with a reduced assembly cycle times, rapid changeover of the products being manufactured, integrated Force/Displacement or Torque/Angle evaluation and data collection, as well as, reduced maintenance. These Servo Presses and Nutrunners can also be used for functional testing within the manufacturing processes or off-line. The Indegrated Force and Torque Sensors provide a calibrated feedback for precise process control. 
2300S, AC Servo Nutrunner
Models: 2300S, 2301S, 2302S, 2304S
2400Q AC Servo Nutrunner
Models: 2402Q, 2405Q
2500S AC Servo Nutrunner
Models: 2500S, 2505S, 2509S, 2510S, 2515S, 2520S...
2600Q AC Servo Nutrunner
Models: 2600Q, 2620Q, 2630Q
2600S AC Servo Nutrunner
Models: 2600S, 2620S, 2630S
BS100 - 100 kN AC Servo Press
Models: BS100, BS100 - 100, BS100 - 200, BS100 - 350
BS200 - 200 kN AC Servo Press
Models: BS200-100B, BS200-200B
CS05 - 5 kN AC Servo Press
Models: CS05, CS05-100, CS05-250
CS10 - 10 kN AC Servo Press
Models: CS10, CS10-100, CS10-250
CS20 - 20 kN AC Servo Press
Models: CS20-100B, CS20-200B, CS20-350B
CS30 - 30 kN AC Servo Press
Models: CS30-100B, CS30-200B, CS30-350B
CS50 - 50 kN AC Servo Press
Models: CS50-100B, CS50-200B, CS50-350B
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