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ADDI-DATA design and manufacture of robust ISA, PCI & Compact PCI cards, for Industrial Automation, Measurement and Control applications. 
APCI-1016, Digital Input Board for PCI
Models: APCI-1016
APCI-1500, Digital I/O Board for PCI
Models: APCI-1500 , APCI-1500-12V
APCI-1516, Digital I/O Board for PCI
Models: APCI-1516
APCI-1564, Digital I/O Board for PCI
Models: APCI-1564, APCI-1564-3.3V
APCI-1564-5V, Digital I/O Board for PCI
Models: APCI-1564-5V, APCI-1564-5V-HS
APCI-1710, Multifunction Counter Board for PCI
Models: APCI-1710, APCI-1710-24V, APCI-1710-5V, APCI-1710-5V-I-O
APCI-2016, Digital Output Board for PCI
Models: APCI-2016
APCI-2032, Digital Output Board for PCI
Models: APCI-2032, APCI-2032-5
APCI-2200, Relay Board for PCI
Models: APCI-2200-16, APCI-2200-16-8, APCI-2200-8, APCI-2200-8-8, APCI-2200-8-8_3.3V
APCI-3001, Analog Input Board for PCI
Models: APCI-3001-16, APCI-3001-4, APCI-3001-8
APCI-3002, Analog Input Board for PCI
Models: APCI-3002
APCI-3003, Analog Input Board for PCI
Models: APCI-3003
APCI-3010, Analog Input Board for PCI
Models: APCI-3010-16, APCI-3010-4, APCI-3010-8, APCI-3016-16, APCI-3016-4, APCI-3016-8...
APCI-3110, Multifunction Board for PCI
Models: APCI-3110-16, APCI-3110-8, APCI-3116-16, APCI-3116-8
APCI-3120, Multifunction Board for PCI
Models: APCI-3120-16-4, APCI-3120-16-8, APCI-3120-8-4, APCI-3120-8-8
APCI-3200, Temperature Measurement Board for PCI
Models: APCI-3200-16, APCI-3200-4, APCI-3200-8
APCI-3300, Pressure Measurement Board for PCI
Models: APCI-3300-4, APCI-3300-8
APCI-3501, Analog Output Board for PCI
Models: APCI-3501-4, APCI-3501-8
APCI-3701, Length Measurement Board for PCI
Models: APCI-3701-16, APCI-3701-16-K, APCI-3701-8 , APCI-3701-8-K
APCI-3702, Length Measurement Board for PCI
Models: APCI-3702
APCI-7000, 1- to 8-port Serial Interface for PCI
Models: APCI-7300-3, APCI-7420-3, APCI-7500-3, APCI-7500-3/4C, APCI-7800-3
APCI-8008, Servo or Stepper Motor Motion Control Board for PCI
Models: APCI-8008, APCI-8008-STP
APCIe-040, Watchdog Board for PCI Express
Models: APCIe-040
APCIe-1500, Digital I/O Board for PCI Express
Models: APCIe-1500, APCIe-1500-12V
APCIe-1516, Digital I/O Board for PCI Express
Models: APCIe-1516
APCIe-1532, Digital I/O Board for PCI Express
Models: APCIe-1501, APCIe-1502, APCIe-1532, APCIe-1532-12V
APCIe-1564, Digital I/O Board for PCI Express
Models: APCIe-1564
APCIe-1564-5V, Digital I/O Board for PCI Express
Models: APCIe-1564-5V, APCIe-1564-5V-HS
APCIe-1711, Multifunction Counter Board for PCI Express
Models: APCIe-1711, APCIe-1711-10MHz, APCIe-1711-24V, APCIe-1711-5V-I
APCIe-2200, Relay Board for PCI Express
Models: APCIe-2200-16, APCIe-2200-16-16, APCIe-2200-16-8, APCIe-2200-8, APCIe-2200-8-8
APCIe-3021, Analog Input Board for PCI Express
Models: APCIe-3021-16, APCIe-3021-4, APCIe-3021-8
APCIe-3121, Analog I/O Board for PCI Express
Models: APCIe-3121-16-4C, APCIe-3121-16-8C, APCIe-3121-8-4C, APCIe-3121-8-8C, APCIe-312x-16-4, APCIe-312x-16-8...
APCIe-3521, Analog Output Board for PCI Express
Models: APCIe-3521-4, APCIe-3521-4C, APCIe-3521-8, APCIe-3521-8C
APCIe-7000, 1- to 8-Port Serial Interface for PCI Express
Models: APCIe-7300, APCIe-7420, APCIe-7500, APCIe-7500/4C, APCIe-7800
CPCI-1500, Digital I/O Board for Compact PCI
Models: CPCI-1500
CPCI-1564, Digital I/O Board for Compact PCI
Models: CPCI-1564
CPCI-1710, Multifunction Counter Board for Compact PCI
Models: CPCI-1710
CPCI-3001, Analog Input Board for Compact PCI
Models: CPCI-3001-16, CPCI-3001-4, CPCI-3001-8
CPCI-3009, Multifunction Board for Compact PCI
Models: CPCI-3009, CPCI-3009-30V
CPCI-3120, Multifunction Board for Compact PCI
Models: CPCI-3120-16-4, CPCI-3120-16-8
CPCI-7500, 4-port Serial Interface for Compact PCI
Models: CPCI-7500
CPCI-8004, Servo or Stepper Motor Motion Control for Compact PCI
Models: CPCI-8004
CPCIs-1532, Digital I/O Board for Compact PCI Serial
Models: CPCIs-1532
CPCIs-1564, Digital I/O Board for Compact PCI Serial
Models: CPCIs-1564
CPCIs-1711, Multifunction Board for Compact PCI Serial
Models: CPCIs-1711, CPCIs-1711-24V, CPCIs-1711-5V-I
CPCIs-3121, Multifunction Board for Compact PCI Serial
Models: CPCIs-3121-16-4, CPCIs-3121-16-8, CPCIs-3121-8-4, CPCIs-3121-8-8
MSX-Box, PCI Embedded Programmable Automation Controller
Models: MSX-Box-500, MSX-Box-800
MSX-Box-CPCI, CPCI Embedded Programmable Automation Controller
Models: MSX-Box-CPCI-400, MSX-Box-CPCI-XXXX
MSX-E1516, Ethernet Digital I/O System
Models: MSX-E1516, MSX-E1516-NPN
MSX-E1700, Ethernet Multifunction Counter Module
Models: MSX-E1701, MSX-E1701-24V, MSX-E1711, MSX-E1721
MSX-E1731, Ethernet Multifunction Counter System
Models: MSX-E1731
MSX-E3011, Ethernet Analog Input System
Models: MSX-E3011
MSX-E3017, Ethernet Force-Distance System
Models: MSX-E3017
MSX-E3021, Ethernet Analog Input System
Models: MSX-E3021
MSX-E3027, Ethernet Analog Input System
Models: MSX-E3027
MSX-E3121, Ethernet Multifunction System
Models: MSX-E3121-6-4, MSX-E3121-6-4C
MSX-E3122, Ethernet Multifunction System
Models: MSX-E3122, MSX-E3122-C
MSX-E3211, Ethernet Temperature System
Models: MSX-E3211-RTD-16, MSX-E3211-RTD-4, MSX-E3211-RTD-8, MSX-E3211-TC-16, MSX-E3211-TC-4, MSX-E3211-TC-8...
MSX-E3311, Ethernet Pressure/Force System
Models: MSX-E3311-16, MSX-E3311-8
MSX-E3317, Ethernet Force-Distance System
Models: MSX-E3317
MSX-E3511, Ethernet Analog Output System
Models: MSX-E3511, MSX-E3511-C
MSX-E3601, Ethernet Dynamic Signals System
Models: MSX-E3601, MSX-E3601-2
MSX-E3700, Ethernet Length System
Models: MSX-E3700-HB-16, MSX-E3700-HB-4, MSX-E3700-HB-8, MSX-E3700-LVDT-16, MSX-E3700-LVDT-4, MSX-E3700-LVDT-8...
MSX-E3701-DIO, Ethernet Length System
Models: MSX-E3701-DIO-HB-16, MSX-E3701-DIO-LVDT-1
MSX-E3711, Ethernet Length System
Models: MSX-E3711-HB, MSX-E3711-HB-24V, MSX-E3711-K, MSX-E3711-LVDT, MSX-E3711-LVDT-24V, MSX-E3711-M...
MSX-E7511, Ethernet Serial Interface System
Models: MSX-E7511-XXXX
MSX-ilog-AI-16, Ethernet Data Logger
Models: MSX-ilog-AI-16
MSX-ilog-AI16-DI040, Ethernet Data Logger
Models: MSX-ilog-AI16-DI040
MSX-ilog-RTD, Ethernet Data Logger for Temperature Measurements
Models: MSX-ilog-RTD-16, MSX-ilog-RTD-8, MSX-ilog-TC-16, MSX-ilog-TC-8
PA1000, Digital Input Board for ISA
Models: PA1000
PA1500, Digital I/O Board for ISA
Models: PA1500
PA1508, Digital I/O Board for ISA
Models: PA1508
PA2000, Digital Output Board for ISA
Models: PA2000
PA311-16-8, Multifunction Board for ISA
Models: PA311-16-8
PC104-PLUS1500, Digital I/O Board for PC/104-Plus
Models: PC104-PLUS1500, PC104-PLUS1500-EXT
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