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Force & Torque Sensors & Transmitters 
AB, High Capacity
Models: AB-C3 10e
AG, Single point
Models: AG-10, AG-100, AG-15, AG-2, AG-20, AG-30...
AG-C6, Single Point
Models: AG-C6 10e, AG-C6 15e, AG-C6 18e
AH, Single Point
Models: AH-C3 10e, AH-C3 6e
AHN, Single Point
Models: AHN- C4 10e
AK, Single Point
Models: AK-C3 12e
AL, Single Point
Models: AL- C3 10e
AP, Single Point
Models: AP-C3 10e
AP1500, Single Point
Models: AP1500-C3 5e
AQ, Single Point
Models: AQ-C3 10e
AR, Single Point
Models: AR
AXH, Single Point
Models: AXH-C3 10e, AXH-C3 12e5
AXL, Single Point
Models: AXL-C3 10e
BE/BEF, Single Point
Models: BE, BEF
CA40X, Rod Type Load Cell with Anti-Rotation System
Models: CA40X
CB50X, Rod Type Load Cell with Anti- Rotation System
Models: CB50X-C4 10e
CB50X-DL,  Rod Type Load Cell with RS-485
Models: CB50X-DL-C4 10e
CPJ/CPJ2S, Measuring Amplifier
Models: CPJ, CPJ2S
D-2209, Flange Mount Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: D-2209
D-2223, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: D-2223
D-2268, Flange Mount Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: D-2268
D-2431, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: D-2431
D-2452, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: D-2452
D-2553, Flange Mount Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: D-2533
DD-2002, Two-Channel Digital Display
Models: DD-2002
DF-30, Flange Mount Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: DF-30
DFW-25, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: DFW-25
DFW-35, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: DFW-35
DH-15, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: DH-15
DK-15, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: DK-15
DMS9000, Digital Amplifier with Display
Models: DMS9000
DR-1, Square Drive Slipring Torque Sensor
Models: DR-1
DR-12, Rotary Slipring Torque Sensor
Models: DR-12
DR-1986/DR-1987/DR-1988/DR-2124, Torque Sensors for Screw Systems
Models: DR-1986 , DR-1987, DR-1988, DR-2124
DR-2, Rotary Slipring Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2
DR-20, Rotary Slipring Torque Sensor
Models: DR-20
DR-2112, Analog Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2112, DR-2112-R
DR-2113, Analog Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2113
DR-2114, Analog Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2114
DR-2153, Analog Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2153
DR-2208, Analog Output Dual Range Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2208
DR-2212, Shaft Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2212, DR-2212-R
DR-2291, Slipring Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2291
DR-2335, Slipring Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2335
DR-2412, Digital Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2412, DR-2412-R
DR-2413, Digital Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2413
DR-2414, Digital Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2414
DR-2453, Digital Output Hex Shaft Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2453
DR-2477, Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2477
DR-2481  Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2481
DR-2493, Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2493
DR-2494  Miniature Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2494
DR-2500, Analog Output High Speed Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2500
DR-2508, Digital Output Dual-Range Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2508
DR-2512, Shaft Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2512, DR-2512-R
DR-2531, Dual Range Analog Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2531
DR-2554, Integrated Coupling Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2554, DR-2554
DR-2600, Digital Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2600
DR-2643, Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2643
DR-2800, Flange Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2800
DR-2831, Dual Range Digital Output Rotary Torque Sensor
Models: DR-2831
DR-3000, Rotary Torque Sensor with USB Interface
Models: DR-3000
DR-3001, Rotary Torque Sensor with USB Interface
Models: DR-3001
DR-3003, Rotary Torque Sensor with USB Interface
Models: DR-3003
DV-14, Reaction Torque Sensor
Models: DV-14
F60X, Cantilever
Models: F60X- C3 10e, F60X-C1.5 3e3, F60X-C6 10e
GM40, DIN Mounting Rail Strain Gauge Amplifier
Models: GM40
GM42,-MAX DIN Mounting Rail Min-Max Memory Device
Models: GM42
GM44-GW DIN Rail Mount Limit Value Evaluation
Models: GM40, GM42, GM44-GW, GM62
GM62, 2 channel DIN Strain Gage Amplifier
Models: GM62
GM77, Hand Held Measuring Amplifier
Models: GM77
GM80, Portable Indicator
Models: GM80
GM80-TG, Digital Desktop Indicator
Models: GM80-TG
IPC50, Digital Weighing Indicator
Models: IPC50
IPE50 DIN, DIN-Mounting Digital Weighing Indicator
Models: IPE50 DIN
IPE50 PANEL, Panel-Mounting Digital Weighing Indicator
Models: IPE50 PANEL
K-100, Miniature
Models: K-100, K-11 to K-2529
K-11, Material Tester
Models: K-11, K-11 to K-2529
K-1107, Miniature
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-1107
K-12, Miniature
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-12
K-1250, Thru Hole
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-1250
K-13/K-13B, Miniature
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-13, K-13B
K-1368, Miniature
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-1368
K-14, Thru-Hole
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-14
K-1427, Force Sensor
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-1427
K-1509, Beam
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-1509
K-1563, General Purpose
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-1563
K-1613, Miniature
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-1613
K-18, Thru-Hole
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-18
K-180, Thru-Hole Load Cell
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-180-120KN, K-180-15KN, K-180-160KN, K-180-30KN, K-180-350KN...
K-1882, Dual-range
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-1882
K-2071, Miniature
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-2071
K-2145, General Purpose
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-2145
K-2148, Web Tension Measurement
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-2148, K-2148 Radial Force
K-22, Miniature
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-22
K-2283, Miniature
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-2283
K-25, S-Type
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-25
K-2528, Thru-Hole
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-2528
K-2529, Thru-Hole
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-2529
K-2565, Hand Force Measurement
Models: K-2565
K-2698, Thru-Hole
Models: K-2698
K-450, All-Purpose
Models: K-11 to K-2529, K-450
LCV, Strain Gauge Sensor Interface
Models: LCV-I0, LCV-I10, LCV-I12, LCV-I4, LCV-U10, LCV-U5...
LCV-USB2, USB Sensor Interface
Models: LCV-USB2/I20, LCV-USB2/SG, LCV-USB2/U10, LCV-USB2/U5
LMV, Sensor Interface
Models: LMVU/1-9, LMVU/54
M-1902, Thread Friction Sensor
Models: M-1902-M10, M-1902-M12, M-1902-M14, M-1902-M16, M-1902-M6, M-1902-M8...
M-1983, Thread Friction Sensor
Models: M-1983-M10, M-1983-M6, M-1983-M8
M-2025, Multi-Component Sensor
Models: M-2025
M-2230, Thread Friction Sensor
Models: M-2230-M6, M-2230-M8, M2230-M10, M2230-M12, M2230-M14, M2230-M16...
M-2354, Multi-Component Sensor
Models: M-2354
M-2371, Multi-Component Sensor
Models: M-2371 (Art, 104539), M-2371 (Art,106597), M-2371 (Art. 105122)
M-2396, Multi-Component Sensor
Models: M-2396
M-2416, Multi-Component Sensor
Models: M-2416
MR-12, Torque Belt Pulley
Models: MR-12
PAX, Digital Display Meter
Models: PAXD0000, PAXD0010, PAXI0000, PAXI0010, PAXS0000, PAXS0010...
PAX-DP, Programmable 2-Channel Industry Built In Measuring Device
PAX-LC-TG, Desktop Measuring Instrument
PM, Single Point
Models: PM
Models: R10X, SILOKIT-R
SB30X, Bending Beam
Models: SB30X
SD25X, S-Beam
Models: SD25X
SI, Strain Gauge Sensor Interface
Models: SI-I0, SI-I10, SI-I12, SI-I4, SI-U10, SI-U5...
SI-RS485, Strain Gauge Sensor Interface
Models: SI, SI/RS-485
SI-USB, 2 Channel USB Sensor-Interface
Models: SI-USB/I20/I20, SI-USB/SG/I20, SI-USB/SG/SG, SI-USB/SG/U10, SI-USB/SG/U5, SI-USB/U10/I20...
SK30X,  Bending Beam Cantilever
Models: SK30X-C3 10e, SK30X-C6 15e
SK30X-5T, Bending Beam Cantilever
Models: SK30X-5T-C3 10e
ZA30X, S-Type
Models: ZA30X-C3 10e
ZFA, S-Beam
Models: ZFA
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